Professional Women’s Group with Lori Hopper

Join us July 18th at 6:00pm for this month’s Professional Women’s Group with Lori Hopper!

“In this workshop, I plan to cover the recipe behind changing your mindset to serve you better. I will be providing real life examples, as well as asking people live to share something they would like reframed in order to reach a successful outcome.”

Lori Hopper is a loving mother, partner, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, and co-worker. Like all of you, she too wears multiple hats every day. As a two-time survivor of PTSD, she learned the hard way that reframing your current situation is the only way to experience growth and move forward. Lori Hopper has dedicated her life to raising awareness on the direct impact people’s beliefs have on their ability to take action.

Lori has mastered the art of reframing any situation, circumstance, or hardship into one that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. She is a skilled mentor when it comes to positive thinking and increasing your emotional intelligence. More good news- she is hear to help. Lori’s motto is “Together, lets build a longer table, not a taller fence.”


Jul 18 2023


5:45 pm - 8:00 pm
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