Report Extra Volunteer Hours

  • To report a shift you worked that you did not sign up for in advance, select the Volunteer Job from the drop down, then select the shift you worked.
  • To report hours worked that were not scheduled as a regular volunteer shift, select the Volunteer Job from the drop down then enter the date and hours worked.
  • To update hours that you did sign up for in advance (i.e., you signed up for a 2 hr. shift but worked 4 hrs.), select the Volunteer Job and the shift you originally signed up for, then simply adjust the Hours Worked field.
  • If none of the Volunteer Jobs apply to the type of work you did, or you do not see the shift you worked as an option, please use the Volunteer Job ‘Manual Entry/Unspecified Hours,’ and leave a description in the comment box.

Remember to use the same spelling of your name and email address every time you report your hours. If you’re not sure which name/email to use, or would like to update your info, please ask in person or email If you get stuck, check out the video at the bottom of the page!