RTR 2023 Judge Information

Entry is open to anyone in the Quad Cities region, aged 18 and above. Designers may compete individually or in teams of two. Each designer/team must construct one woman’s outfit using items from the bag. Designers may supplement with their own materials, but at least 65% of the final outfit should come from the bag.

Designs Should be Judged On:

  • Craftsmanship/quality of the design
  • Creativity/originality (see previous designs for examples)
  • Overall, head-to-toe look including hair, makeup and accessories
  • Stage presence – models do not need to be professionals, but should be confident and comfortable on the runway

Judges will have a special lounge area backstage, where you will be provided with a scoring matrix for each design. After the model walks the runway, the designer or team will join them onstage, at which point you will have 2-3 minutes to ask live questions about the design, their inspiration, etc., similar to Project Runway.

After the live show, there will be an intermission where you will have additional time backstage to see the designs up close and ask follow-up questions before the designers and models go out into the audience for a meet & greet and deliberation begins. After the 15-20 minute intermission, the top 3 are announced.