Style Questionnaire

We’d like to get a better sense of your style in order to provide you with a great experience! Please fill out the fields below to the best of your ability. Your data remains private.

    Please answer the following questions, so that we can get an idea of your size and shape. If you are in-between two sizes, please round up. We will not accept any returns or exchanges on clothing.

    All of your data remains private.

    Hourglass (full bust and hips, narrow waist)Full Hourglass (fuller bust, bigger thighs, rounded bottom and hips, smaller waist)Apple (rounder shoulders, flattish bottom, average to full bust, fullness around the middle)Pear (full hips or thighs, a defined waist, shoulders narrower than hips, smaller top half)Inverted Triangle (full bust, narrow waist and hips)Lean Column (narrow shoulders, flat chest or small bust, small or non-defined waist, narrow hips and flat bottom)Rectangle (similar shoulders, waist, and hips)

    *For Interview Outfit and New Job Wardrobe appointments only

    Standard Section or StorePlus Section/Women's Section or Store

    Yes, I almost always purchase 'Petite' pantsYes, I almost always purchase 'Tall' pantsNo, I purchase standard length pants

    Above the KneeAt the Knee or Below the KneeMidi/Mid-CalfMaxi/AnkleNo preference

    Flats/Loafers (no heel)Wedge/Wedge-Like HeelsShort Heels (Kitten Heels/Short Stiletto Heels)Heels/StilettosBootsRound ToeSquare ToePointy ToeNarrowWide

    SleevelessShort Sleeves3/4 Length Sleeve (hits at or just below the elbow)Long SleevesI will wear sleeveless, but I would want a cardigan to wear over top of the shirt as wellNo Preference

    Collared, Button Up (typically long-sleeved)ScoopU-NeckV-NeckSquareCowlSweetheartKeyholeNo Preference

    Answering the below questions will help us get a sense of your style. While we cannot guarantee an outfit that meets your desired style preferences, we do our very best to take your preferences into account.

    All of your data remains private.

    Pants + TopDressesSkirtsSuit Jackets

    I like a tighter fitI like tops to be fitted, but not clingyI like a loose, flowy fitI have no preference

    SkinnyStraightBoot cutTrouserWide leg

    BoldBrightBlack & WhiteClassicChicCleanColorfulConservativeDramaticFeminineLayeredMinimalistNeutralPlayfulPreppyPracticalSophisticatedTraditionalUniqueUnderstated

    Animal printsFloral printsAbstract/Geo printsRufflesEmbellishments - buttons, fancy stitching, laceEmbellishments - sequins, appliques, and sparklesN/A