Professional Women’s Group

Professional Women’s Group (PWG) is an international networking association for Dress for Success clients who have recently entered the workforce. Professional Women’s Group was created to promote employment retention and career advancement by providing valuable skill building information, understanding corporate culture to handling personal finances. Professional Women’s Group provides a safe environment where members can learn how to network and develop their professional skills.

Learn more about LaDrina Wilson, PhD: Dr. LaDrina Wilson, founder and CEO of Iman Consulting, is a Leadership Trainer and Coach, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Professional Development Speaker, and a highly sought-after community leader and advisor. She is deeply committed to inspiring true inclusive leadership and was recently named, Quad Cities Regional Business Journal’s 2022 Most Influential Leader in the Region.

Learn more about Iman Consulting: Iman is a leadership and diversity consulting firm focused on helping people and teams find their authentic voice in difficult conversations, developing skills in dealing with and embracing differences and helping leaders bring their whole self to all they do.

Our goal is to help individuals and organizations understand that differences are not deficiencies and that true leadership embraces diversity as an asset- both for your bottom line and as a measure of social responsibility.

Iman is strong in our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Bold in our position that civil discourse is the catalyst to change and unreserved in our dedication to creating safe spaces for individuals and organization to learn more and do better in their lives, in their leadership and in their communities.

If you or your organization is looking for dynamic training and you’re committed to embracing the work needed to be innovative in your leadership or your diversity and inclusion efforts, then let’s talk.

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Jun 18 2024


5:45 pm - 8:00 pm
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